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Dedicated to the Defense of Health Care Professionals in Civil Litigation

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PACKER, O’LEARY & CORSON is comprised of trial attorneys and support staff with over 80 years of combined experience in the preparation and trial of suits brought against Health Care Professionals and Institutions. We provide personalized, experienced and cost-effective representation for our clients. When a professional receives a lawsuit, it is more than just a risk of doing business; it is often perceived as an assault on his or her competency, judgment and skills. Our endeavor is to relieve some of the emotional weight of a lawsuit, and thereby allow our clients to continue on with what they were trained for; providing the best health care for their patients.

In September 2016, Bob Packer, Ted O’Leary and Paul Corson, opened Packer, O’Leary & Corson, A Professional Law Corporation, in Glendale, California. Although the firm specializes in the defense of Health Care Professionals and Medical Centers in Civil Litigation and Licensing issues, our attorneys have a wealth of experience in all types of personal injury litigation and administrative matters.

We immediately analyze the claims being made, access the relevant records and meet with our client at the earliest practicable time to fully discuss the defense strategies. One trial attorney and one associate are assigned to each case. Our clients always know who to call with a question. Our staff is trained to be courteous and discreet. We retain only the most skilled and knowledgeable expert consultants whom we have found over the past 40 years to not only have the expertise in the area of medicine in question, but the skills and ability to translate complex medical terms, facts and opinions in terms a jury of lay people can understand.

We know that the longer a case remains open, the more anxiety and costs it produces.  We do not “sugarcoat” cases and counsel our clients regarding alternative methods of resolution if that is necessary.  While preparing a strong defense under the necessary assumption that every case will go to trial or arbitration, we constantly explore other methods to conclude every case as quickly, efficiently and favorably as possible.   The professionals we are retained to represent are kept fully informed at every step in the process and their input is critical to our effort to bring the case to a successful and just conclusion.  If trial is necessary, few firms can match the combined trial experience of POC.  There is is a huge difference between a “litigator” and a trial attorney.

If you have had an event with an unanticipated or unfavorable outcome, received a Notice of Intent to Sue letter, have been served with a suit, or contacted by a regulatory agency, ask your professional liability insurer if PACKER, O’LEARY & CORSON can represent you. At POC, we are “Professionals Helping Professionals”.