Practice Areas


We have successfully represented nearly all specialties, surgical and medical, particularly obstetricians, perinatologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedists, anesthesiologists (including pain management), oncologists, internists, pediatricians and family practitioners

Medical Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, Urgent Care Centers and Surgical Centers

Our current and past clients include University-based Medical Centers, the largest private hospitals as well as community-based hospitals throughout Southern California.  With the increasing amount of health care being delivered outside of acute care facilities, we are frequently called upon to defend free-standing (or office-related) urgent care and same-day surgical centers

Emergency Medicine

We aggressively and successfully employ the special defenses available to practitioners of Emergency Medicine

Group Practices

This emerging business model presents special issues, such as partnership and corporate liability, entity coverage and employer liability.  POC has extensive experience in identifying and solving medical-legal issues unique to group practices, including Medical Foundations

Adjunctive Health Care Professionals (Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Medical Assistants)

The use of certified Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and other allied health care professionals has increased dramatically over the past several years.  In addition to representing these professionals in lawsuits, the lawyers at POC are available to consult on the myriad and often complex regulatory schemes that must be complied with to avoid unforeseen liability issues

Skilled Nursing Facilities, Long Term Acute Facilities and related Institutions

In addition to representing physicians and SNFs in “Elder Abuse” claims, POC attorneys are called upon frequently to assist such facilities with formulating responses to complaints to and investigations by governmental consumer agencies, analysis and approval of Plans of Correction and compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations

“Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse”Litigation

We keep up with the frequent changes in the law and its interpretation by the courts in this constantly evolving area of professional liability. Such cases can expose our clients to post-mortem liability for the deceased’s “pain and suffering”, for plaintiff’s attorney’s fees and for un-insurable punitive damages. The elimination of the specials risks require the skill and experience available at POC

Fraud, Battery and other “Intentional Torts”

It is increasingly common for claimants to attempt to assert causes of action other than professional negligence against health care providers which can exacerbate exposure to damages not covered under insurance policies.  Our office is experienced in successfully challenging these claims at an early stage by aggressively using the unique procedural and statutory defenses to them

Licensing Board Investigations and Hearings

De-fusing mandatory or elective reports to the California Medical Board at an early stage is our goal.  We are there to assist you from the first request for records, drafting the initial written response, to the preparation for and representation at the CMB interview. In nearly all the CMB investigations we have handled, we have been able to prevent the investigation from going to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.  Your license is your livelihood, and we are here to make sure you keep it

Staff Privileges

We can help you prepare an application or re-application for staff privileges and provide clear explanations of prior litigation experiences

Insurance Issues

We can assist you with an analysis of coverage if you have received a “Reservation of Rights” letter or an out-right denial of indemnity and/or defense coverage under your policy.  If a conflict has arisen between you, your insurance company and/or appointed attorney, the attorneys at POC meet the legal requirements for their appointment as “Cumis” counsel


Our attorneys are experienced with representing clients when appeals of trial court rulings become necessary. Not only do our attorneys understand what is required for persuasive appellate briefing and argument unique to the defense of healthcare providers, they know how to strategize during the litigation process to ensure that all appropriate appellate issues are preserved in the event an appeal becomes necessary